Day 33 Potter Challenge.

What character would you have liked to learn more about?

In all honestly Helga Hufflepuff. She is special and holds a special place in my heart. I would’ve loved to have known more about the history of Hogwarts and all the founders. That would be cool. But i dont know where JK would’ve placed that in the books either. Maybe a spin off book?

1 thought on “Day 33 Potter Challenge.

  1. That’s a good point — Gryffindor and Slytherin get plenty of covereage, and then Ravenclaw even gets a nod towards the end, but there’s so little about Hufflepuff in the books/movies. As for my answer:

    ALL of them!! Okay, okay… Fortunately, Pottermore has provided additional background information about some character in whom I was particulary interested, like McGonagall, Draco Malfoy, and Lupin. I’m dying to learn more about the kids in the epilogue — especially Albus Potter. Just from the brief conversation that Harry has with Albus, the kid seems fascinating. The fact that he is so genuinely concerned about being placed in Slytherin and his demeanor in general both indicate that there’s a lot going on with how he sees and feels about the world. I’m also curious to see how Harry, given his experiences with the Dursleys, treats his kids at home.

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