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Day 33 Potter Challenge.

What character would you have liked to learn more about?

In all honestly Helga Hufflepuff. She is special and holds a special place in my heart. I would’ve loved to have known more about the history of Hogwarts and all the founders. That would be cool. But i dont know where JK would’ve placed that in the books either. Maybe a spin off book?

Day 32 Potter Challenge.

If I could change anything about the plot or include anything in the films what would I change?!

So I’m not going to go into detail with this one because I’m on the last book and it’s pointless changing anything when I do not know the ending yet.

But something I wish they did include was the farewell between Harry and the Dursley, that one did make me slightly emotional. And I feel the people who have watched the films and not read the books could have benefitted from seeing that. It was lovely….  But that’s where I will leave it because I want to give a detailed blog for this one and I want to know all the information. ❤

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

SO SO SO my dearies firstly I am so sorry u have been away attending business at the burrow, it’s crazy here at present time. But i hope to be back on more regularly.

Secondly I’m a bit upset to see someone has been copying my posts and giving credit elsewhere… Come on people share the love, it’s the only thing that can defeat Lord Voldermort.

Anyway back to the book, I’ve finished… Whaaaat a book and I must say out of all the potter films this one was the most disappointing… I couldnt put the book down.. It was just so amazing. Dumbledore’s funeral was beautiful and I’m not afraid to say I did have a painful lump in my throat and tears racing down my cheeks. So captivating and beautiful.

I will write some more soon and will be  United once more. Peace and Love. ❤❤

Day 31 Potter Challenge. ❤

How did you come by Harry Potter and fall in love with it?

So I grew up relatively poor, we never had the money to have anything or treats but my parents did try and take us to the cinema when ever they could afford it. We seen this film in cinema and my mum is a sucker for magic. She literally cries at anything magical. And we all fell in love with the movie, every year my parents made sure we could go and see the next movies. And it became a family thing. Then this year I came across the whole book collection in a Bootsale for £5 and decided I was ready to face my fears and read… Reading has always been a downfall because I read slow and I’m very self conscious, but I was ready and I’m not as slow as I originally thought. I’m on the half blood Prince and I’m finding I want to slow down because I’m won’t know what to do with myself.

Day 30 Potter challenge.

Favourite quotes.


So this is my number one favourite, I am Helga Hufflepuff, I want to go into education and in all of my placements I have never segregated any children based on ability or disability. They are all the same they all need the same care and attention. Inclusion is the beat thing for children is you put a less able child with a capable child, the less able with strive and do things you may never have seen before because they do NOT want that label. Never judge a child based on ability while they are still developing, because they will never show you what they are fully capable of.


Again… Abilities… I don’t even need to say why I love this.


Everyone has good and bad… Everyone makes mistakes, we should never dwell on that, we need to remember were all human cut anyone of any colour and we all bleed red. Never judge someone based on a mistake.


I have done stupid things based on fear, my anxiety speaks ALOT for that too. But i say terrible things when I am scared, makes no sense really but very true. We should always find out the big picture before judging.


Story of my life. ❤❤

Day 29 Potter Challenge.

Favourite magical creature. Why?

So firstly I HAVE to say the Welsh green, dragon, I must say this because it is native to my OWN country. I am very patriotic very proud of where I’m from. This dragon attempts to avoid human contact and breeds on small animals like sheep, which I can promise we have plenty of, it’s very placid and timid for a dragon. It’s ROAR is almost musical which suits it’s native land perfectly as we are known as the singing nation.


I also love the bowtruckle how fussy they are over certain trees, which helps the Wizard choose what tree’s are best for wand making. I just love how they look like twigs.


Day 28 Potter Challenge.

So the most underrated character in my opinion is Lupin. He is absolutely fantastic in the books, but the films really do weaken his role, his strength and relationship he has with Harry. You don’t really learn.anything about Lupin in the films, BUT the books… Wow that’s a whole other blog post. He is absolutely incredible in the books. I really wished he was portrayed better, this has nothing to do with the actor because I feel David Thewlis plays the parts amazingly, it’s the lack of influence he has within the films. Before I had even read the books Lupin was my least favourite character, after reading the book he is my favourite. I absolutely adore him. ❤

Day 27 Potter Challenge.

Favourite minor character and why!?

OK so this is a toss up between two, either Firenze the centaur or Olivander.


I like how Firenze isn’t afraid to stray from his pack to help Dumbledore. Firenze always sees the best in people, I do not know if situations change with him and his pack but they haven’t yet with me. He does have loyalty to his pack, but he also knows when others need help and isn’t afraid to go and help regardless of the consequences that may face him.


This is purely based on the films, he instilled so much magic, fun and excitement into the first film for me personally. My son loves the scene where he gets his wand for the first time. His voice is magical and I love him.

The wand chooses the Wizard my friend.

Day 26 Potter Challenge.

My favourite Villain and why!?

So I am going to base this on what I have read so far (Half Blood Prince) but my answer could be influenced by knowing the ending already, although I do not think so. But I’m going to have to say Prof. Snape, I know he does turn out to be a “goodie” BUT I loved him while he was the Villain we all thought he was and my love just grew when that wasn’t the case. I love how Harry’s famous status does not and has never affected how he treats Harry. He’s the only one that has never tolerated any of his lies and cheek. Although he’s miserable he’s made me laugh in EVERY book. He’s the oddball, he’s dark mysterious and a loner. I love Severs. ❤

Day 25 Potter Challenge.

My favourite student and why!?

Neville Longbottom. I absolutely adore Neville, he is such a misunderstood character, he is far braver than people think and he’s funny. The lack of confidence makes me want to grab him scruff up his hair kiss his forehead and hug him let him know he has the ability to achieve. He has been through ALOT with his parents and it makes me love his character more. He is also constantly bring reminded how he does not live up to his parents reputation, which is unfair because people seem to forget he is his own person. He really does not have the ability to seem himself as bring brave… Come on the boy fought in the battle in the department of mysteries and he destroyed the final horcrux also do not forget he stood up to voldermort and refused his offer to join the death Eater. He’s simply amazing. ❤