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Order of the Phoenix

So I have finally finished my book and I must say it was incredible. Some scenes I found long winded and was finding it hard to read on but the end… The last couple of chapters I welled up to the point I couldn’t read any more, I had to take a break and wipe my eyes. Sirius why Sirius, we need him…


The book really hit me hard when it came to Sirius’s death, I really had to fight the tears, and again when Dumbledore was telling Harry what he should have told him 5 years ago… Again fighting the tears… And finally when Harry opened the two way mirror frof Sirius my heart wrenched and he was calling him… I don’t understand why that was not in the film, what a way to want to gran harry and hold him.



Day 12 Potter Challenge.

Death Eater or a Member of the order.

So this again seems pretty obvious, especially if I see myself as Tonks, it only makes sense for me to choose the order and eliminate all evil. But in the defense of the death eaters they’re very determined and loyal to their dark lord. But I would have to say the order to ensure future generations can live without the fear looming over them of a potential return.