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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

SO SO SO my dearies firstly I am so sorry u have been away attending business at the burrow, it’s crazy here at present time. But i hope to be back on more regularly.

Secondly I’m a bit upset to see someone has been copying my posts and giving credit elsewhere… Come on people share the love, it’s the only thing that can defeat Lord Voldermort.

Anyway back to the book, I’ve finished… Whaaaat a book and I must say out of all the potter films this one was the most disappointing… I couldnt put the book down.. It was just so amazing. Dumbledore’s funeral was beautiful and I’m not afraid to say I did have a painful lump in my throat and tears racing down my cheeks. So captivating and beautiful.

I will write some more soon and will be  United once more. Peace and Love. ❤❤

Order of the Phoenix

So I have finally finished my book and I must say it was incredible. Some scenes I found long winded and was finding it hard to read on but the end… The last couple of chapters I welled up to the point I couldn’t read any more, I had to take a break and wipe my eyes. Sirius why Sirius, we need him…


The book really hit me hard when it came to Sirius’s death, I really had to fight the tears, and again when Dumbledore was telling Harry what he should have told him 5 years ago… Again fighting the tears… And finally when Harry opened the two way mirror frof Sirius my heart wrenched and he was calling him… I don’t understand why that was not in the film, what a way to want to gran harry and hold him.


Day 9 Potter Challenge.

Horcruxes or Hallows!?
If I’m honest I don’t actually understand this question, I’m guessing it would I rather posses the Hallows or have my.soul split into Horcruxes.

I would rather neither, death is a natural process that you can’t escape, death needs to be accepted and not feared. If I had to choose of course I would choose the Hallows BUT this is probably just because it is linked with the good side. I’m purely going off what I’ve seen in the films as I have not actually reached these books yet. If Horcruxes were possible, and I achieved this I would be paranoid 24/7 that someone may potential have access to my soul and destroy it. I think I’m on the right path, but like I said this was a hard one to answer because I haven’t actually reached these parts if the books.