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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince.

SO SO SO my dearies firstly I am so sorry u have been away attending business at the burrow, it’s crazy here at present time. But i hope to be back on more regularly.

Secondly I’m a bit upset to see someone has been copying my posts and giving credit elsewhere… Come on people share the love, it’s the only thing that can defeat Lord Voldermort.

Anyway back to the book, I’ve finished… Whaaaat a book and I must say out of all the potter films this one was the most disappointing… I couldnt put the book down.. It was just so amazing. Dumbledore’s funeral was beautiful and I’m not afraid to say I did have a painful lump in my throat and tears racing down my cheeks. So captivating and beautiful.

I will write some more soon and will be  United once more. Peace and Love. ❤❤

Soo I’m going to have to do a couple of blogs while I’m at my nans and stealing her WiFi because my Internet has literally just gone… But it’s the longest it’s ever lasted so I’m happy. ❤ so if you don’t hear from me I haven’t been eaten by a werewolf or captured by death eaters my Internet has simply left me. ❤

Day 12 Potter Challenge.

Death Eater or a Member of the order.

So this again seems pretty obvious, especially if I see myself as Tonks, it only makes sense for me to choose the order and eliminate all evil. But in the defense of the death eaters they’re very determined and loyal to their dark lord. But I would have to say the order to ensure future generations can live without the fear looming over them of a potential return.