Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. ❤

So I have just been nominated for the sisterhood of the World Blogger Award by the beautiful, that weird brown girl.
So I would like to thank you, really means ALOT coming from a newish blogger. You’ve made me feel like I belong and like I have a reason to share my love for Harry Potter.

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award is a really good trend and a good way to share the other bloggers that you also follow. So I think everyone should have a go. I definitely woke up happy, thanks again. ❤❤

The Rules.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.

2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.

3. Nominate FOUR other bloggers

4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

My Questions.❤.

1. The most beautiful book I’ve read, cliché I know, but I’ve only started reading again recently, is drum role please… The Fault In Our Stars. This book was beautifully written all the metaphors made the book so much easier to read, to feel, to imagine and to put yourself in their shoes. I love the whole story, it’s totally beautiful. ❤

2. So I’m from Wales, it’s a country next to England known for its singing, it’s rugby and sheep. I have recently finished college and I’m now a level3 childcare practitioner, I’m hoping to specialise in working with children with disabilities and mental health, especially autism. With autism on the increase I feel that so many people are still so uneducated and are quick to judge, yet I find autistic spectrum disorder intriguing the way these children and adults think so out the box it’s just admiring.

3. Five things that make me happy:

⚫ My son, he’s my inspiration, my happiness and my universe. You never know a love like it. He drives me to do better for myself. He has overcome his own problems in his little life yet there’s not a day he doesn’t laugh from his stomach or smile.

⚫My hubby to be, although he drives me insane at times he’s an incredible dad and an amazing partner. He makes me smile at the darkest of times.

⚫Harry Potter I love the books, the imagination, the words everything to do with Harry Potter. I love other Harry Potter fans. It has helped me through ALOT of times and has helped me with coping and seeing the positive out of negative situations.

⚫ The Walking Dead. So from magic to zombies. I know they are on totally different sides of the spectrum. But I’m a sucker for a zombie film, TV series, books (any good zombie books let me know) and I’m not going to complain when I get to look at Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus for an hour. NOM.

⚫ Finally my family, this includes my friends also, we are one HUGE family. I am so greatful for the amazing support network that I have. Each and everyone one of them know how much they mean to me. They know how to handle me, they’re not afraid to tell me straight which I like. Were so sarcastic and everytime new memories are made and cherished.

4. My favourite movie, I have a few but, the Harry Potter movies, the crow, dirty dancing and point break. Patrick Swayze was and still is my ultimate hero.

Favourite book, Harry Potter books. I love them so much. ❤

Favourite TV series, The Walking Dead. Zombies zombies zombies zombies. That’s all I need to say.

5. My current goal in life, is to get a job working with families in areas of deprivation, to provide a stable and happy life for our son and go to the Walker stalker convention and Harry Potter studios.

6. 3 places I’d like to visit…

⚫Norway is my number one place to visit, it is so scenic almost poetic. Looks beautiful. No pollution the sky is clear and the waters are so clear they reflect the mountain view around.

⚫Texas, we have family who we only met this year who live in Texas I would love to go out there and spend some more family time with them.

⚫Finally New Zealand, again its poetic so pretty, plus I really want to visit the shire. Who doesn’t want to see a hobbit house.

7. PIZZAAAAAAA… Oh my I’m salivating I need pizza, stuffed crust, cheese cheese cheese… *** urm let me just wipe the dribble from my chin.

8. 5 words that define me…
⚫ Tiny.
⚫ Quirky/individual
⚫ Tom Boy.
⚫ Tattoo’s
⚫ Assertive.

9. Something I want to change in myself if you would have asked me.this 5 years ago, it would have been a different answer, I had an eating disorder. But ask me now and I’m struggling I’m very content with my life and current situation BUT if I had to choose I would probably say my attitude, it can get me into trouble, also I take everything personally, but they are my qualities and I love them just as equally.

10. Love in my own words..
Love in my own words is happiness is being content with someone is laughing everyday till your cheeks hurt. It’s not worrying about what you look like because you’re accepted. You share similarities but you also vary in qualities which makes it more of an interesting experience. Love is an adventure so follow it and enjoy it. ❤

The bloggers I nominate are.❤.

Precious Sanders.

A bohemian’s mind.

White magic vibes.

Poetic Fangirl.

And the questions for the nominees are:

1. If you could choose a character any character which defines your personality.

2. Where are you from and what is your current situation?

3. If you were in a zombie apocalypse what would be your plan of attack?

4. What type of music genre do you listen to?

5. Do you have Tattoo’s if so what ones do you have and what’s their meaning if they have one?

6. What is your favourite book!?

7. Pepsi or coke?

8. If you could choose any religion to be apart of what religion would you choose and why?

9. What would be your spirit animal and why!?

10. If you had the ability to do anything, what would it be?


11 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. ❤

  1. Okay, I think I finally have a little time to devote to this. Btw, thank you for this honor! I’m thrilled that you think enough of me to name me here :). I considered posting this to my own blog, but I honestly don’t want to deviate the focus of it at this point, plus the whole bit about nominating others has always made me feel awkward. However, I do think it’s an interesting exercise, so I will gladly answer your questions here! So without further ado…

    1. If you could choose a character any character which defines your personality.
    Hmmm… it’s so hard to pick just one, honestly. One that has come up as a result of the Potter challenge, of course, is Hermione Granger. We’re both bookish and responsible, although honestly, Hermione is probably more girly than I am. Ender Wiggin also comes to mind as a character who is similar to me. He’s intelligent and relatively athletic, and he constantly feels under pressure to do the right thing in spite of a desire to just be left alone.

    2. Where are you from and what is your current situation?
    The “where are you from” question always throws me because I didn’t exactly grow up in any one place. My dad was in the military, so we moved around a bit as I grew up. However, I typically claim the Kansas City area, since that’s where we were the longest and where I graduated from high school. Since high school, I’ve moved around a bit more for college and jobs. Currently, I’m in Lawrence, Kansas, and I’m loving it enough that I can see myself staying here for a while.

    3. If you were in a zombie apocalypse what would be your plan of attack?
    Haha. This question is one that I’ve always wondered about, but could never come up with an answer that satisfies me. I do know that I’ll probably be okay in running away from the brain munchers — I like to run/race, so my cardio is pretty good. I’ve shot firearms before, but a zombie apocalypse would mandate that I actually become good at it, and I would definitely need to stock up on ammunition. I think the core of my approach would revolve around a nomadic existence: wandering with a bag strapped to my back, scrapping for food, sleeping in trees, etc. With a little luck, I’d find a community to stay in for a few days from time to time, but I feel like in that kind of atmosphere, staying in one place for too long could be dangerous.

    4. What type of music genre do you listen to?
    I’m into hard rock/metal, which doesn’t surprise most people who know me, though it surprises me that they expect it. Must be something about my personality that screams hard rock, I dunno. I originally got into the genre because I used to be a very angry person, though I mostly kept that anger contained, and the music became my outlet. I’m not angry anymore, but I still like the hard stuff. I think it’s because 1) I’m used to it, and 2) it energizes me. I listen to it when I work out or when I’m trying to wake myself up or when I’m cleaning house. It’s the one genre of music that actually feels REAL to me.

    5. Do you have Tattoo’s if so what ones do you have and what’s their meaning if they have one?
    I have three tattoos, which does surprise most people because they can rarely be seen. I intentionally placed them in locations easily covered by a socially-respectable amount of clothing, so they’re rarely exposed. On my left shoulder is a symbol based on Aristophanes’s Origin of Love in Plato’s Symposium (if you’re interested, there’s a great video about it here: On my back is my name written in Korean — I’ve taken both taekwondo and hapkido lessons, the two primary martial arts of Korea, and my senior year of college, my roommate was a Korean exchange student. She wrote out my name in Korean for me, and I later got the tattoo. On my right thigh is a drawing of a lady, mostly nude but for some strategically-placed ribbons. I promise it’s not as scandalous as it sounds. If anything, given the body language of the girl, I see it as a symbol of strength and freedom, which I absolutely love.

    6. What is your favourite book!?
    This is always such a hard question, because there are so many great ones! So rather than pick just one, I’m going to hit a few highlights: the Harry Potter series, of course; Ender’s Game; The Brothers Karamazov; East of Eden; the Transmetropolitan series; anything Calvin & Hobbes; Fight Club; House of Leaves; Norwegian Wood; Siddhartha; and on and on and on….

    7. Pepsi or coke?
    Whichever is cheaper at the grocery store 😉

    8. If you could choose any religion to be apart of what religion would you choose and why?
    For years now I have been extremely fascinated by the Unitarian Church, though I’ve never had the courage to actually go and check out a service. I wrote a paper about the Unitarians for a religious history course in college, and I love how they take a rational approach to religion and the Bible, rather than relying on myth, and understanding that the Bible is a text written by men that wasn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally. They were also a huge influence in the antislavery movement in America during the 19th century.

    9. What would be your spirit animal and why!?
    I’ve always gravitated towards the wolf. I like that with wolves, they can travel in tight-knit packs, or they can be lone wolves. I can be a bit of both, depending on the situation. Much of the time, I am the lone wolf. I do, however, have some folks whom I am very close to, and would do just about anything for them.

    10. If you had the ability to do anything, what would it be?
    If we’re talking super powers, I’m thinking it’d be great to fly. Travel would be so much easier, and I’d be able to see more places that I’ve wanted to see. If we’re looking at something more day-to-day related, then I have always wished I could get by without having to sleep. There is so much in this world that I want to see and do and experience, but there never seems to be enough time. I like to pack my days full of meaningful stuff whenever I can, but sleep and rest are vital when you’re human. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my downtime as much as the next person. But we spend a third of our lives sleeping, and I often find myself imagining how much more I could be doing if I could get that time back.


    1. Wow I love your answer and it’s surprising how much we share, my spirit animal is also a Wolf, because I do have a tight knit pack of friends but I also enjoy my own company, sometimes a bit too much. I am also a metal head, I love rock music for the exact same reason it’s REAL, they write about really stuff, feeling things I can connect to so much easier than your average everyday music. Can I ask what the unitarian Church is? That is why I ask that question I am not religious myself BUT I love hearing.people’s different outlooks and I always hear about religions I wasnt even aware of.


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      1. I’m really not religious either, but Unitarianism fascinates me just because they are so open to all populations and their approach to religion makes a lot more sense to me than just blindly following some deity that we think might exist. Unitarianism, I believe, started in parts of Europe, then made its way to the US in the 1700s. They are considered a Christian denomination, but they don’t necessarily believe in the trinity, and they treat the Bible as a text written by men, meant to be studied, but not taken as an absolute Word. They are possibly the most liberal kind of religion you can find, believing that we can understand more about God and the world by incorporating science, philosophy, and rational thought into their studies. That’s the general idea of the church, but I’m not as clued in to what it’s like today as I am its history. I do like that they seem accepting of all peoples, rather than just damning outsiders to hell, like so many religions do anymore. Maybe if I just went and checked it out, I’d learn more, eh?

        I love that we are into the same kind of music! I get mixed reactions when I mention it, so I am sometimes a bit cautious about bringing it up. By the way, I see in your answers in your post that you mention tattoos. Can I ask about yours?

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      2. Yeah I have 8 Tattoo’s, I have the slipknot S on my thigh with all their masks incorporated, I have pascal a chameleon on my arm for my son and I have chameleons, I have a cartoon sugar skull on my forearm with a nauticle star underneath I have cariad on my wedding finger which is welsh for love and I have eyes on my back and a star on each hip, the eyes and hips were mistakes I was 17 and got anything because someone was willing to tattoo me, although I do not regret them I wished I’d have put more thought in, but you live and learn. What music are you into then!? Xx

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  2. Slipknot’s “Snuff” is easily one of my favorite songs :). I really like Korn, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Pop Evil, Staind, Halestorm, etc. etc…. Every year, one of the Kansas City radio stations puts on Rockfest, which is a day-long rock festival. It last 12 hours and has 15 bands. I’ve gone seven times, and I’ve seen a lot of bands that way. I didn’t go this year — Rob Zombie was headlining, and I’m not huge on Zombie. But last year, Korn headlined it, and it was AMAZING. They’re even better in concert than they are recorded.


    1. OMG!!! We love Korn!! They’re always playing in the car, I’ve also seen Korn at a music festival, Download festival in Donnington Park, I haven’t heard of pop evil, but all the others I’ve had. I’m not fussed on Rob Zombie. So nice speaking to someone who share the same interests. ❤

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