Day 27 Potter Challenge.

Favourite minor character and why!?

OK so this is a toss up between two, either Firenze the centaur or Olivander.


I like how Firenze isn’t afraid to stray from his pack to help Dumbledore. Firenze always sees the best in people, I do not know if situations change with him and his pack but they haven’t yet with me. He does have loyalty to his pack, but he also knows when others need help and isn’t afraid to go and help regardless of the consequences that may face him.


This is purely based on the films, he instilled so much magic, fun and excitement into the first film for me personally. My son loves the scene where he gets his wand for the first time. His voice is magical and I love him.

The wand chooses the Wizard my friend.

7 thoughts on “Day 27 Potter Challenge.

  1. This is such a vague question. I’m not sure where the line between “major” and “minor” characters lies, exactly. For the sake of providing an answer, I’ll just go with Dobby. He’s completely loyal to Harry, going as far as defying the Malfoys in order to try to save Harry’s life (however questionable his tactics might be). Even once set free, he remains loyal to Harry and is dedicated to doing the best job that he can in every task set before him. It was truly heartbreaking when he died.

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