Day 25 Potter Challenge.

My favourite student and why!?

Neville Longbottom. I absolutely adore Neville, he is such a misunderstood character, he is far braver than people think and he’s funny. The lack of confidence makes me want to grab him scruff up his hair kiss his forehead and hug him let him know he has the ability to achieve. He has been through ALOT with his parents and it makes me love his character more. He is also constantly bring reminded how he does not live up to his parents reputation, which is unfair because people seem to forget he is his own person. He really does not have the ability to seem himself as bring brave… Come on the boy fought in the battle in the department of mysteries and he destroyed the final horcrux also do not forget he stood up to voldermort and refused his offer to join the death Eater. He’s simply amazing. ❤


1 thought on “Day 25 Potter Challenge.

  1. I think I’d have to go with Ginny Weasley here. Sure, she got off to an awkward start in the first couple of books, but once she got past that, she turned out to be as strong and smart as they come. She’s clearly an intelligent student, with the ability to pull off some impressive hexes and be invited into the Slug Club. She’s also a heck of an athlete, with the ability to play two Quidditch positions very well and even go on to play professionally. She also has a don’t-mess-with-me vibe about her, stands up to bullies, and is kind enough to befriend even the awkward kids of Hogwarts, like Neville and Luna. She then goes on to become a journalist, which is all the more impressive.

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