Day 24 Potter Challenge.

How has Harry Potter changed your life or influenced your decision making.

So the first way it has helped me is with my son. He is such a Gryffindor, fearless, Brave, sometimes arrogant, he’s a prankster, but he is incredible smart and funny. He also has a speech delay, which if I’m totally honest, it has been a huge set back for me. I love my son to Pluto and back and a couple more times but you go to bed feeling useless and wake up expecting another day of uselessness because you CANNOT understand them. They’re  trying to converse with you and it is so frustrating because you DO NOT know what they are saying but they know. Harry Potter has helped me overcome this because now I know it’s only parceltongue, it may seem silly to you BUT I’ve blamed myself for three years. So it’s a bight weight lifted off my shoulders. Also his speech has come on fantastic, ALOT more people can understand him now and I put this down to nighttime reading, we always read Harry Potter before bed, or Dr Suess.

Harry Potter has solidified friendships with some very amazing people I know. My oldest friend who I have known for 20 years, is also a Harry Potter fan this has made our friendship even stronger we have yet ANOTHER interest. She is also a hufflepuff like myself and both of our partners are Gryffindors. It’s mental, but I love my little potterfamily.

There is so many more reason but I’m running out of WiFi time down my mum’s. So finally since blogging I have met some amazing people taken different looks and different outlooks on Harry Potter from there point of view. So I want to thank you all for following my blog, liking,commenting and just being incredible. ❤❤


3 thoughts on “Day 24 Potter Challenge.

  1. Hmm… I don’t know that I’d say that Harry Potter has changed my life in any major way, The series did help me get through a particularly rough patch in my life at one point. About ten years ago (!) I was dealing with a handful of major life setbacks all at once: my parents had divorced, the guy I had been dating for about a year broke up with me, and I burnt out on school to a point that I decided to take some time off. There was about a three-month period where I pretty much confined myself to my apartment — didn’t work, didn’t go to school, only left to get groceries. Otherwise, I pretty much just surfed the internet and re-read the Harry Potter books, which were the first five in the series at that time. It was a much-needed escape from my reality. I was also dealing with really bad insomnia through all this, but I found that if I let the Chamber of Secrets movie play in the background, I could usually nod off on the couch. So while I wouldn’t say that Harry Potter has been life-changing for me, I do have to say that it has made life’s less-than-enjoyable moments more bearable.


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