Day 23 Potter Challenge.

If you could choose elder wand, cloak or stone of resurrection what would you choose!?

So this answer is nothing to do with the films that I have seen. But I would love the invisibility cloak,


purely because I would love to sneak up and scare people, or sneak around without anyone seeing me, or listen in on conversations . Stupid reasons I know BUT theyre all true. Who wouldn’t take up the chance at being invisible for the day. ❤


One thought on “Day 23 Potter Challenge.

  1. I would have to go with the Elder wand. I initially considered the cloak, but being invisible can only do so much. Besides, if you have a wand, there are other ways of making oneself invisible, plus you have the tool to do all kinds of other spells as well. I have no real interest in the resurrection stone. Sure, there are people I miss, but playing with death like that is just scary.

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