Day 21 Potter Challenge.

19 years later… Would you change how the book ended.

I can’t really answer this because I haven’t finished the books… But I will come back to it I promise. 👌


One thought on “Day 21 Potter Challenge.

  1. I don’t know how much you know about post-Deathly Hallows Potter. I don’t reveal much, but I’ll leave it up to you whether you read my response or not:

    I’m pretty torn about this one. A part of me liked having the “where are they now” type of scene, but a part of me wished it had stayed open-ended. On one hand, it’s cool to know that everything worked out for the trio, that Harry still got to be an auror, that they are reunited because of Hogwarts once again. On the other hand, leaving it open would have been really nice. It leaves more to the imagination of the fans, and it leaves open the hope for a continuation of the Harry Potter saga. Not saying that more books surrounding the post-Voldemort world won’t ever happen, but it seems to indicate that it’s not likely when there’s a 19-years-later epilogue.

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