Day 19 Potter Challenge.

What parts of the books and films made me cry?

So as for the books I haven’t reached these bits yet, but I’m so much more emotionally invested within the books I will probably be a mess. I can see it now I feel more of a connection with the characters while reading.

So recently I watch part 1. And I’m not ashamed to say The departure of Dobby did make me shed a tear or two. Everytime I get upset now my son thinks I’m crying because Dobby is dead. He consoles me saying awww is it dobby mummy, it’s OK he’s only dead. I. Like thanks babe.

I got emotional when Sirius died, but I didn’t cry, more of the painful lump you get stuck in your throat when your trying to fight the tears.

And finally I cried like a baby when the castle was being destroyed, I know it’s lame, but that is such a beautiful place and the films were with me from my childhood and it was so upsetting to see my fictional hone being destroyed before.


One thought on “Day 19 Potter Challenge.

  1. Once again, I am a day behind. Here we go!

    The Deathly Hallows was definitely the one that caused the water works. When Dobby died — poor Dobby! Also, in the movies when Hermione wiped her parents memories… just watching that happen was very sad for me. Then, of course, the scene of all scenes: Snape’s memories of Lily. The books and and movies both made that such a heartbreaking experience. Even after watching and reading it multiple times, that scene brings the moisture to the eyeballs.


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