Day 18 Potter Challenge.

If I could bring back a deceased character who would I choose and why?

So my old self before reading the books would have said Sirius he was my favourite in the films, could be cause I fancy Gary Oldman, but… Since reading the books I would have thought I’d have said Lupin, but, I find myself wanting to bring back Fred. Fred and George started out together since conception and it’s so unfair that they never got to grow up and experience adulthood and see eachother form their own families. Soppy I know… But I’m a mum and family is everything to me, these two are just perfect in the books and it’s a shame their naughtiness and mischievousness never got to carry them through to old age together. ❤


3 thoughts on “Day 18 Potter Challenge.

    1. No only Fred passes. And I wouldn’t bring back Harry’s Parents, because if they had a role in the book where they were alive, Harry wouldnt be the chosen one because his abilities towards the end are down to his parents sacrifice, he wouldn’t be the boy who lived, if his parents also lived. I just think twins have a sacred bond and the twins are fantastic in the book. Was a shame when Fred passed. ❤

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  1. Huh. Somehow, the question translated to my list as “cast member,” not “character.” Anyhow, here’s mine:

    Richard Harris, the original Dumbledore. Michael Gambon grew on me as Dumbledore quickly enough, but you do get attached to the original man who played him. He was pretty great in Count of Monte Cristo too.

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