Day 16 Potter Challenge.

Books or Films.

So if you would have asked me this a year ago I would have said films, only because I hadn’t read the books. But now,the books are so much better. I have been answering all the questions I have been pestering my friends with or myself. I do not regret watching g the films first because it has helped me understand and picture what’s happening. But the books have helped me run away, live it, experience it and feel it. There’s nothing like holding a book and running away into a new world. It’s pretty extraordinary. ❤


One thought on “Day 16 Potter Challenge.

  1. Books! Hands down, no question about it. The films are great, but I see them more as a treat for those who have read and enjoy the books, rather than entities in and of themselves. If your only exposure to Harry Potter is through the movies, then you are missing a good chunk of the full experience.

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