Day 15 Potter challenge.

Least favourite book and why!?

So I don’t really have one I didn’t like, so I’ve ordered the ones I enjoyed the most and seen which one came last which was, chamber of secrets, this could be influenced by the fact that the film was my least fave. But out of all of the other books that kept me on the edge of my seat less. It was fantastic but not my favourite. ❤


3 thoughts on “Day 15 Potter challenge.

  1. I’m not sure I can answer this one because I love all seven of the books. I think I’d have to say a two-way tie between Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows. I say OotP just because I grew very frustrated with Harry throughout. I realize he has every right to act as he does, and god knows I’d have been worse, but it still frustrated me. Plus Sirius… :(. I say Hallows just for the same reason the movie frustrated me. Parts of the book were very… slow. Both of these books were fantastic, which makes me feel guilty for singling them out here, but if I gotta pick, those would be the ones.


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