The next Harry Potter.

So I have a three year old son.. And I know this next bit will be pretty biased coming from myself but he’s totally EPIC. He’s such a nerd he’s into Star Wars and any superhero stuff but that greatest thing is he’s totally obsessed with… Harry Potter. He can name the majority of the characters, he does spell on his wand, (which is a blue pencil) and he walks around with Harry Potter glasses on introducing himself as Shae Potter.


If you tell him he’s not Harry Potter, he casts the spell expecto patronum and then says only one Shae Potter and points his wand at your throat. Whenever his dad sends him to bed his reply is, why you being voldermort. Every member of my family has a assigned Harry Potter character…
I’m Hermione, his dad is Voldermort, he IS harry potter, my sister is Hagrid and when our cat is naughty he says go away Nagini, even though our cat is called Chewbacca.

This kid is just epic, I love that he has incredible Taste. ❤


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