Day 14. Potter Challenge.

Favourite Professor and why!?

Professor Mcgonagall, I love how underneath that hard exterior she’s actually a really caring professor.


She always has the students best interests at heart. I’m not going to lie my choice could be heavily influenced by my love for Maggie Smith I think she’s an amazing woman.  I love how proud she is to be a Gryffindor and her love for Quidditch, she was the type of teacher I would’ve needed in school and would’ve gelled nicely with, kept my little rebellious butt in line. She’s just wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Day 14. Potter Challenge.

  1. I’ve pretty much already answered this one, but I’m more than happy to do so here. Professor McGonagall is my favorite, for sure. She reminds me of a couple teachers I had in high school, who were generally seen as strict and unyielding to most, but who absolutely loved those students who were responsible and did what they were supposed to do. She’s not afraid to come down on her students when necessary, but she’s also not afraid to stand up for them when she feels the situation calls for it. Her expectations are high, but she is more than willing to help students who come to her with a genuine need or desire to improve.

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