Day 13. Potter Challenge.

Three character my best friends and why!?

So originally I would’ve chosen the marauders minus Peter Pettigrew,but thinking about it, I feel this is more out of curiosity because I really want to know so much more about these characters.

So here I go…

Luna Lovegood.

I love her cooky quirkiness. She intrigues me she takes and sees everything from a different perspective, she loves all creatures and feels that they all have a reason for existence. She sees the positive in people, I also personally feel she is the wizards version of a hippy and I love it. Her nature’s her soul and her aurora are totally beautiful. I feel she would calm me down and give me a different outlook to life.

Fred and George Weasley.

These two characters are just incredible. They are my type of friends pranksters, always feel on edge in their presence cause you’re waiting for them to attack!! They’re all about humour and making the most out of life. They remind me of myself ALOT, rebellious, do not conform but underneath all that, very loyal and rather intelligent. OK they had like 3 owls, but look at what they’ve achieved, they invented pranks, jokes and sciving snackboxes along with the antidotes, I think they’re incredible.

Remus Lupin.

I would need to meet this man, build up a friendship, be his girlfriend, get married have kids and…. Wow that esclated quickly. There is something about his character I adore, so misunderstood so discriminated yet he never let’s it defeat him. He’s amazing, I knows he’s a good character because everytime I read his name I shriek with excitement. I purely want to continue sometimes so I can get to know and understand his character more.


4 thoughts on “Day 13. Potter Challenge.

  1. Okay, this one is a tough one. I would definitely be friends with Ginny Weasley — strong, smart, witty… who wouldn’t want to be friends with Ginny? I totally would want her in my corner in the face of danger or bullies.

    Second would be Hermione. While her bossiness is a huge turnoff, I get the impression that Hermione would be quite warm and welcoming towards a fellow bookworm. What’s more, I can be pretty bullheaded myself, so Hermione would figure out pretty quick that diplomacy works better. Plus, she becomes less bossy and more compassionate (as well as daring) as the story goes on.

    Third, probably Luna Lovegood. Yes, she’s quite quirky, but I think that’s part of her charm. Besides, Luna’s obsession with things like nargles and charms isn’t much different from muggle obsessions with comic books and alternative medicine. She very much the hippie of the magical world, and I enjoy the different way of looking at the world.

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