Day 12 Potter Challenge.

Death Eater or a Member of the order.

So this again seems pretty obvious, especially if I see myself as Tonks, it only makes sense for me to choose the order and eliminate all evil. But in the defense of the death eaters they’re very determined and loyal to their dark lord. But I would have to say the order to ensure future generations can live without the fear looming over them of a potential return.


2 thoughts on “Day 12 Potter Challenge.

  1. Once again, I find myself a day behind! Day 13 to follow this one…

    Well, as the whole killing thing really isn’t my cup of tea, I don’t think I could handle the Death Eater job description. And, as someone who likes to think ahead, being a Death Eater has potential professional ramifications. The Dark Mark on one’s arm seems like a pretty sure way to lose out on future job offers — assuming, of course, that you manage to avoid Azkaban. What’s more, Voldemort is quite the control freak. If I’m going to take part in any organization, I would still like to have some say in the decision-making and the actions that I’m taking.

    Most importantly, the whole “pure bloods are superior” is total bull, in my opinion. In the muggle world, it saddens me to see discrimination against minorities of any kind, and I’m sure it would be the same if the magical world were real. At the end of the day, all are human, or all are witches and wizards, and who cares about skin color, or lineage, or ethnic background, or sexual preferences, or money? Character is far more important than any of those things.


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