Day 10 Potter Challenge.

What character am I most like and why!?

I would like to say I’m most like Tonks. I am the Muggle version of a metamorphagus, I change my appearance at the drop of a hat, hair dye, hair styles, different make up, one day I’m a hippy next day I’m a rock chick. She’s also very clumsy, that’s me I trip over my feet everyday,I walk into things I fall over drop things. I also get everything wrong say things I shouldn’t and drop people in it or give things away. Everything I have read so far I feel like I have written an auto biography. She is strong tough and a hufflepuff, need to love a fellow hufflepuff. X


3 thoughts on “Day 10 Potter Challenge.

  1. Tonks is awesome :). Definitely a character worth emulating. BTW, I love the new layout for your blog! Here’s my response:

    While a part of me really hates to admit it, the character I resemble most would probably be Hermione Granger. I was an A student all through high school and college, always did what was expected of me, a bit of a teacher’s pet. Even to this day, I continue to be quite a bookworm, and there’s always something new that I want to read or want to learn. I wasn’t bossy like Hermione — I was really quite introverted and quiet — but I stressed out about things like exams, overstudied, did a lot of recreational reading, and took more classes than I needed to for graduation.

    I see other characters in myself too: a bit of Luna, a bit of Ginny or Harry or Cedric, even a bit of Draco. There’s not going to be any one character that I am exactly like. But in terms of bookishness, and even her growing into an enjoyment for breaking the rules, I am most like Hermione.


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