Day 7 potter challenge.

What class would I attend if I could choose one!? Why!?

I would probably choose again it’s between two, charms with Prof  Flitwick or Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid.


I would love to know how to use a wand what spells and tricks I could cast,pranks I could play. Plus from what I’ve read about Prof. Flitwick he seems fun, it’s always good to have a teacher who is fun I find I learn better if I prefer the teacher and the lessons are enjoyable. 

Care of Magical Creatures.

Because come on let’s face it, who would really say no to riding on hippogriffs and having to endure flobberworms I would love to meet a unicorn. I love animals I love being around animals, I also love anything g remotely magical,so put two and two together, even better. Plus Hagrid is just beautiful although, Prof, grubbly plank knows her stuff too.


3 thoughts on “Day 7 potter challenge.

  1. Ideally, I would go to every single class that Hogwarts offers (I would be very much like third-year Hermione in this respect). But if I could only choose one? Defense Against the Dark Arts. Even in my muggle existence, I love self-defense classes and seminars, so D.A.D.A. would be right up my alley. Charms and Transfiguration would round out my top three, but Defense is definitely my top choice.

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