Day 6 Potter Challenge.

Favourite female character.

So this is purely based on what I’ve read so far, and what I have seen from the films, it was a toss up between two characters.


Nymphadora Tonks. If I’m honest I think she is my favourite purely because I can find so many qualities and characteristics Tonks has within myself. I’m ditsy and clumsy and always dropping and breaking things, I also possess the ability to change my appearance but it comes in the form of a bottle of hair dye. So yeah this has influenced my decision because basically Jk Rowling has just written about me. Aha.


But if I’m honest with you I get butterflies and so so excited whenever I hear Molly Weasley name. I love a maternal woman and she is most certainly a maternal woman. She would do anything and everything to ensure the protection of her children.


Now if this question was asked to me 4 years ago I probably would have said Mcgonagall but since I’ve had a child of my own again she’s relatable. She welcomed Harry with open arms, she’s just amazing.


She also reminds me ALOT of my mum, we grew up next to a council estate and ALOT of my friends were Harry Potters, my mum was forever playing counselor, being nurturing and a scaffolding to my friends that never had this at home. Do for this reason Molly Weasley is my number 1.  ❤



5 thoughts on “Day 6 Potter Challenge.

  1. I am a day behind! I will try to do Day 7 today as well

    This one is very easy for me: Professor McGonagall. McGonagall is one of those teachers that I absolutely would have loved when I was going through school because she takes on such a no-nonsense approach to things. She does not suffer fools and messing around lightly. I love the iron fist with which she handles her classroom, and she expects nothing but the best from her Gryffindors.

    On the same token, McGonagall has a soft side that does come through on occasion. She knows how to be empathetic and when to let that empathy show. She stands up for her students and for the causes she believes in. She is clearly very intelligent, and strikes just the right balance between sternness and kindness to be an effective Deputy Headmistress.

    McGonagall might very well be my favorite character. I love her character so much, in fact, that I named my cat Minerva in her honor.

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