Day 4 Potter challenge.

Favourite Male Character and why!?

So this is purely based on again like I’ve said in every other post, based on everything I have read up to The Order of the Phoenix.

My favourite male character has to be Lupin.

I love how misunderstood he is and how he just craves for people to see beyond the werewolf within and see he is a real person. But he never mopes and complains about how unfair life has been too him. He is extremely brave and never jumps at a situation, he always thinks about what he will do before he actually does it.
He also take particular interest in helping and giving confidence to poor old Neville Longbottom who gets everything wrong. And I absolutely LOVE that quality about him.

He’s a beautiful soul a wise person and I just absolutely adore him. ❤


One thought on “Day 4 Potter challenge.

  1. It was Lupin for a long time for me, too :). He is definitely still towards the top, but over time, I developed more of a liking for the Weasley twins:

    This was a very difficult one to choose for, and even now, I might be cheating. I think I’ll go with the Weasley twins (yes, two characters, but they might as well be one!). I didn’t pick them just because they are funny, though that certainly doesn’t hurt their cause. When I think about what Fred and George accomplish throughout the books, it’s actually quite impressive. Even though they didn’t necessarily excel academically, it’s clear that they are brilliant, inventing all kinds of products from their bedroom. They helped Harry get to Hogsmeade when he didn’t have permission from his awful family, they stood up in fantastic style to Umbridge, and they launched a ridiculously successful business in the midst of a bad time in the wizarding world.

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