The Harry Potter 35 day challenge.

So I came across this from someone’s tumblr and thought it would be fun to give it a go.. It’s 35 Harry Potter based question that get answered over 35 days. Would love it if people can get involved I would be really intrigued to see what everyone’s answers and opinions are. It will also be a great way for me to get to speak to and meet new fellow potter fans. Look forward to seeing your answers.

My answers will be based on the first 4 books because I’m half way through reading the order of the phoenix. I will redo these questions once I ha e finished all books and see how my answers change.

1. Favourite book and why!?
2. Favourite movie and why!?
3. Least favourite female and why!?
4. Favourite male character and why!?
5. What is your house team, are you happy with this choice!?
6. Favourite female character and why!?
7. What class would you attend if you could choose one!?
8.least favourite male character and why!?
9. Horcruxes or Hallows!?
10. What character would you say you’re most like and why!?
11. Least favourite movie and why!?
12. Death Eater or a member of the order and why!?
13. Choose any 3 characters that would be your best friends at Hogwarts!? Why!?
14. Favourite Professor!? Why!?
15. Least favourite book and why!?
16. Books or films.
17. If you could choose to meet a cast member who would you choose and why!?
18. If you could bring back a deceased cast member who would it be and why!?
19. What parts of the books/films made you cry!?
20. Any scenes that were NOT in the movie that you wished were!?
21. 19 years later would you change how the book ended!?
22. If you could learn a spell what spell would it be and why!?
23. Cloak, Elder wand or Resurrection stone!? Why!?
24. How has Harry Potter changed your life or influenced your decisions.
25. Your favourite student and why!?
26. Your favourite Villain and why!?
27. Favourite minor character and why!?
28. Most underrated character and why!?
29. Favourite magical creature and why!?
30. Top 5 Harry Potter quotes (Books or Films)
31. How was it that you came by and fell in love with Harry Potter.
32. If you could change or include anything about the plot what would it be!?
33. What character would you like to have known more about!?
34. Most attractive cast members male and female.
35. Describe Harry Potter in 1 word.. Explain your reason behind this chosen word.


I look forward to seeing your answers too, follow this blog and I will follow back. ❤


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